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Free Pre-School year in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Programme 


Christmas 2014 Arrangements for ECCE Payments

The Department will be processing a major ECCE payment on the 2nd of December 2014.  This payment should reach bank accounts by Friday 5th December.  The payment will cover five weeks, bringing the total weeks paid to 18 weeks, up to 25th January 2015.  The payment will be based on the numbers of children registered and approved.

Payment will only be made to those services who hold an ECCE contract and who have provided a valid tax clearance certificate to Pobal by close of business on Thursday 27th November.

Further payments will be processed on Tuesday 9th and Thursday 18th (to reach bank accounts by 12th and 23rd respectively) for those services which submit tax clearance certificates, register additional children or are approved for Higher Capitation after Thursday 27th November.

No further ECCE payments can be processed after Thursday 18th December and therefore any outstanding tax clearance certificates must be submitted to Pobal ( by close of business on Tuesday 16th December to ensure payment before the end of the year.

Another interim payment will be processed on 6th January 2015 (and should reach bank accounts by Friday 9th January) for services who missed the deadline of Tuesday 16th December.


IMPORTANT NOTICES Concerning ECCE payments

Over 30,000 children have now been registered on PIP. Due to delays being experienced by some service providers in registering ECCE children on the PIP system, we must wait for all services to register children on PIP before we can issue a PIP Payment for the first time.

Therefore, the ECCE October “balancing payment” is going to be calculated on the same basis as the advance payment.
The next payment to services will be processed on 21st October, to reach bank accounts by Friday 24th October.  The payment will be calculated as follows:
Number of children in service at the end of the previous pre-school year *


Capitation rate (standard or higher)


13 weeks


Any advance payment(s) already made to the service


Any outstanding overpayment from the previous pre-school year
Once the PIP Balancing payment goes through, at a later date, all advance payments will be rectified against the accurate numbers of children registered and approved in your service, however if you have a significant difference in the numbers of children (under or over) in your service from last year, please note:
*If you have already applied through your CCC to increase the numbers of ECCE children in your service for the purpose of the advance payment, the increased number will be used in this calculation.  If you have not already applied for an increase, and if you have more children in your service this year than last year, please e-mail your CCC immediately requesting an increase.  The additional advance payment will then be calculated on the basis of the increased number.

 *If you have fewer ECCE children in your service this year than you had last year, you should contact your CCC to request a decrease in your numbers for the purpose of the advance to avoid any significant overpayment to you which will be deducted from further payments due to you.

Services should contact their CCC by lunchtime on Friday 17th October to make the payment on Friday 21st; however top-up payments will be made on a weekly basis thereafter.
The Department apologises for the inconvenience caused to service providers by the delay in issuing actual balancing payments.

Background note for service providers:

ECCE service providers who are in contract with the Department and who have submitted an up-to-date tax clearance certificate have already received an advance payment in respect of the current pre-school year.  This advance payment was calculated on the basis of an 8 week payment in respect of the number of ECCE children enrolled in the particular service during the previous pre-school year.
A balancing payment, consisting of ECCE funding due to services for the actual number of ECCE children registered in the service in the current pre-school year up to 5th December 2014 (i.e. 13 weeks) was due to be processed on 21st October, to reach bank accounts by Friday 24th October.   This payment will now issue as an advance (see explanation above).


ECCE programme 2014/2015 – Advance payment

Advance payments are now being processed and services who have received an ECCE contract and who have submitted an up-to-date tax clearance certificate (TCC) will receive an advance payment by Friday 29th August. Services will receive an e-mail notifying them that the payment has been processed.

Advance payments will continue to be made on a weekly basis, and services who have not yet received an ECCE contract, or whose TCC is out-of-date will receive an advance payment in due course when contracts have been finalised or the updated TCC has been submitted to the Department.

More information on the advanced payment is available here



ECCE Payment Schedule for September 2014 - June 2015

ECCE Service Provider Letter

Litir chuig Soláthraí Seirbhíse

ECCE Parent Letter

Litir chuig Tuismitheoir nó Caomhnóir

ECCE Child Registration Form

Forim Um Chlárú Linbh sa Chlár ECCE


Improtant notice for all ECCE Service Providers and Parents in relation to the age criteria for the ECCE Programme


The age criteria for the current and coming pre-school year is as follows in relation to the ECCE Programme:



Guides to ECCE Programme  2014


Guide to the ECCE Programme and Administrative Procedures

Guide for Parents to the Pre-School Year in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) scheme


Supporting Documentation


Appendix 1: Forms 




Appendix 2: Contact Details




Appendix 3: Frequently Asked Questions in Relation to Child Care Qualifications


Contact Details:

ECCE Section,
Early Years Policies and Programmes,
Department of Children and Youth Affairs,
43-49 Mespil Road,
Dublin 4
Tel: 01 6473000
Fax: 01 6473224


Sonraí Teagmhála:

An Rannóg ECCE,
Polasaithe agus Cláir na Luathbhlianta,
An Roinn Leanaí agus Gnóthaí Óige,
43-49 Bóthar Mespil,
Baile Átha Cliath 4
Teil: 01 6473000
Facs: 01 6473224

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