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Community Childcare Subvention (CCS) Programme


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Disability Benefit Review March 2014

In March there is a review of parents who are being subvented based on a Disability Benefit / Illness Benefit / Occupational Injury Benefit payment.  This review will be during the week of Monday 10 March – 14 March 2014.

Any of those parents whose subvention is based primarily on a Disability Benefit / Illness Benefit / Occupational Injury Benefit payment will have their subvention rate band amended accordingly.  This change will take effect from 10 March 2014.

Services providers will be noted of these changes and parents will have two weeks to make an appeal.


CCS Payment Schedule 2013 / 2014

Pobal will be making the following CCS payments for the remainder of the CCS year 2013/14 (26/08/2013 to 24/08/2014):

A)    *2nd provisional payment of CCS to cover the month of December. It will be made in the w/e  06/12/2013. This payment  will bring services’ payments for the CCS year to date to the equivalent payment of 1/3rd of services 2012/13 approval.

B)   *3rd Payment will be made by the end of January and will be based of the services actual approval for the CCS year 26/08/2013 to 24/08/2014. The January payment will bring services’ payments up to 2/3rd of the actual 2013/14 CCS approval.

C)   *4th and final payment of CCS for the year 2013/14 will be made in May 2014 bringing CCS payments up to 100% of your service’s 2013/14 approval.

*All payments are reliant on required documents and returns being in place at time of payment.



7th March 2014:  Childcare Services - if you have any queries about entering any of the CCS, CETS or ECCE programmes in September 2014 please contact your local CCC.  Please note the deadline for receipt of the application forms is Friday 28th March 2014.

City/County Childcare Committees (CCCs)

Guide to the CCS Programme and Administrative Procedures 2013


Supporting Documentation


Appendix 1/ Aguisín 1


Appendix 2: Forms / Aguisín 2: Foirmeacha

Appendix 3: Contact Details / Aguisín 3: Sonraí Teagmhála



Contact Details:

CCS Section,
Childcare Directorate,
Department of Children and Youth Affairs,
43-49 Mespil Road,
Dublin 4
Tel: 01 6473000
Fax: 01 6473224

Sonraí Teagmhála:

An Rannóg CCS,
An Stiúrthóireacht Cúram Leanaí,
An Roinn Leanaí agus Gnóthaí Óige,
43-49 Bóthar Mespil,
Baile Átha Cliath 4
Teil: 01 6473000
Facs: 01 6473224


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