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Minister Zappone announces launch of LGBTI+ Capacity Building Initiative 

Friday 12th July 2019

  • Funding will be made available for the development and delivery of evidence-informed CDP initiatives specifically related to working with and supporting LGBTI+ young people.  

Following the launch of the LGBTI+ National Youth Strategy during Pride 2018, the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr. Katherine Zappone TD, is delighted to announce a continuation and extension of the successful Capacity Building Grant which provided funding to organisations working with young LGBTI+ people in services across the country last year. 

This capacity building is a key action under Goal 1 of the Strategy, which is to "Create a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for LGBTI+ young people". The objectives and actions associated with this goal will work towards the continued improvement of safe, supportive and inclusive spaces for LGBTI+ young people. This initiative aims to provide funding to implement evidence-based LGBTI+ training, mentoring, coaching, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) initiatives and development of guidelines targeted at professional service providers and youth services. Training and guidance should include a particular focus on trans and gender-related issues. 

The Minister said: “I was very proud to launch the world's first LGBTI+ National Youth Strategy last year as it clearly showed how serious we are in our mission to ensure that Ireland is the best small country in the world in which to grow up. We continue to work hard to make the Strategy a reality and to achieve what has been committed to. This funding is a wonderful opportunity for organisations with particular expertise in working with LGBTI+ young people to share that knowledge across other sectors such as health, social, education and youth services.”

Funding will be made available for the development and delivery of evidence-informed Continuous Professional Development (CDP) initiatives specifically related to working with and supporting LGBTI+ young people.  This can include training, mentoring, coaching, and the development of guidelines/policies/procedures to support professional service providers, inclusive of youth services. In making an application for funding, the organisation must show how the initiative is additional to the current provision delivered by the service. Initiatives should demonstrate a high value impact on service provision for young LGBTI+ people across a range of sectors such as education, youth services, social services, health.

This year, allowance is made for projects to be planned across two phases in 2019 and 2020, allowing scope for more ambitious projects to be developed. Initiatives with ambition and innovation will be prioritised, for example, evidence informed digital resources, websites, guidelines for widespread distribution, toolkits, online courses etc. 

The deadline for submissions is 12 noon on 26th August. For further details and information on how to apply, please see



Note for Editors:

The LGBTI+ National Youth Strategy was published on 29th June 2018 and is a world first. It is a key commitment for DCYA as part of the 2016 Programme for Partnership Government and will make a significant contribution towards the Government's broader commitment to continue to strive for the full inclusion of LGBTI+ people in Irish society. It is a 3 year Strategy that is strongly action oriented with the mission to ensure all LGBTI+ young people are visible, valued and included.

A number of significant changes have taken place in Ireland in recent decades which have resulted in substantial progress and improved outcomes for LGBTI+ people. The Strategy seeks to put measures in place to address some of the remaining challenges faced by LGBTI+ young people, so as to ensure that they can achieve the same positive outcomes as all other young people. 

The Strategy and its future governance lie within the framework of Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures: The Policy Framework for Children and Young People and as such will contribute to achievement of the five national outcomes for children and young people:

  1. Active and healthy, with positive physical and mental wellbeing
  2. Achieving their full potential in all areas of learning and development
  3. Safe and protected from harm
  4. Economic security and opportunity
  5. Connected, respected and contributing to their world.

The expected outcomes from the LGBTI+ National Youth Strategy will:

  • Improve environments and services for LGBTI+ young people
  • Support better training for professionals engaging with LGBTI+ young people
  • Enforce anti-bullying policies and address anti-LGBTI+ discrimination
  • Address the health and wellbeing of LGBTI+ young people and
  • Expand legislation to include and protect LGBTI+ young people, generate information and insight into the needs of LGBTI+ young people.