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The National Strategy for Research and Data on Children’s Lives 2011-2016 (NSRDCL), originally published in November 2011, set out a plan to guide and support the development of research and data around children’s lives over the years 2011-2016.

The strategy was prepared by the DCYA’s Research and Evaluation Unit through detailed analysis of existing policy, research and data on children’s lives, and through consultations with key stake holders including children and young people.

The primary objective of this research was to develop a more strategic approach to knowledge about children’s lives in order to identify the most effective ways to intervene in their lives and to ensure that this knowledge was used by policy makers. A secondary objective was to create an enduring structure for research into children’s lives.

In this context the NSRDCL can be seen as an important development in terms of continued efforts to generating robust evidence to inform policy decisions in respect of children and young people.




The strategy was managed through the implementation of the strategy’s Action Plan, which set out 59 actions to be undertaken by 23 organisations. 

Along with being responsible for a number of actions associated with the strategy, the DCYA’s Research and Evaluation Unit was responsible for reporting on progress made to date on the strategy.  A list of action plans updates, and reports are as follows:


Technical Note

For additional information on the methodological approach that informed the development of the NSRDCL see the following: