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Role of Drugs Task Forces


The National Drugs Strategy recognises the key role that Local and Regional Drugs Task Forces continue to play in addressing the drugs problem.

It remains important, therefore, that they operate effectively at community level with clear objectives and in accordance with appropriate guiding principles.

Guiding principles for the operation of DTFs



DTFs will carry out their terms of reference (functions) with integrity and fairness and without self-interest or favouritism.



DTFs will be responsive to stakeholders’ views and will consult with them in carrying out their functions.



DTFs will keep their stakeholders informed about their policies and actions.



DTFs will be accountable for the use of public monies provided to them.


Efficiency and Effectiveness  

DTFs will have regard to the need for effectiveness and efficiency in carrying out their terms of reference (functions).



DTFs work in a spirit of partnership between the statutory, voluntary and community sectors.