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Young Voices - Have Your SayYoung Voices

Young Voices - Have Your Say is a series of regional consultations with young people in Ireland which forms part of a European programme called Structured Dialogue. Structured Dialogue gives young people all over Europe a chance to influence decisions that affect their lives. The questions asked of young people in these consultations are determined by the overarching thematic priority agreed by the Youth Council of Ministers. A Structured Dialogue cycle runs for 18 months, divided between three countries, who will each host the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for six months. Each of the three phases of a Structured Dialogue cycle consists of consultations with young people on a specific focus area chosen by the Presidency country and corresponding to the overall theme of the cycle.

Further details on Structured Dialogue and on information and opportunities for young people across Europe can be found at

Current Theme

The theme for the current 18 month cycle of Structured Dialogue is Social Inclusion
The Trio Presidency - Ireland, Lithuania and Greece - together with the European Commission, the European Youth Forum and the National Youth Councils agreed Social Inclusion as the overarching theme for the 18 months from January, 2013 to the end of June, 2014. This theme emphasises the concept of social inclusion involving all young people, in addition to those with fewer opportunities.

First phase - Ireland - 1st January - 30th June, 2013

During the first phase of consultation within Ireland's Presidency of the EU, Ireland focused on what the social inclusion of young people means, the challenges it poses for young people, the groups of young people most at risk of social exclusion and the stages in young people's lives where they are most vulnerable to social exclusion. Ireland's specific priority explored the contribution of quality youth work to the development, well-being and social inclusion of young people.

This is the Summary Report of consultations with young people in Ireland during Ireland's Presidency of the EU.

Young Voices Have Your Say - Summary Report - Ireland's EU Presidency

Second phase - Lithuania - 1st July - 31st December, 2013

Building on the compilation of results of the first phase consultation and Joint Conclusions of the EU Youth Conference in Dublin, Ireland from 11th-13th March, 2013, Lithuania is therefore focusing on the possible solutions for the social inclusion of young people, with a special emphasis on those who are not in employment, education or training (NEETs).

This is the Summary Report of consultations with young people in Ireland during Lithuania's Presidency of the EU.

Young Voices Have Your Say - Summary Report - Lithuanian's EU Presidency

Third phase - Greece - 1st January - 30th June, 2014

The guiding questions in this phase will aim to find solutions, good practices, preventative measures, and innovative ideas on better social inclusion of young people across the EU. In particular, the focus during Greece's Presidency of the EU will be on social inclusion and youth entrepreneurship.

Consultations with young people in Ireland aimed at addressing this priority will take place in:

Dublin on Saturday, 25th January, 2014 and
Cork on Saturday, 1st February, 2014.

Young Voices Have Your Say - Summary Report - Greece's EU Presidency

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