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Child Welfare and Protection Policy


What We do

The Department of Children and Youth Affairs is responsible for developing the policy and legislative framework in relation to child welfare and protection.  The Department also has oversight of Tusla, the Child and Family Agency, regarding the implementation of policy and the effective delivery of child welfare and protection services.

Tusla has a primary responsibility to promote the safety and well-being of children.

Everyone must be alert to the possibility that children with whom they are in contact may be suffering from abuse or neglect. This responsibility is particularly relevant for professionals such as teachers, child care workers, health professionals and those working with adults with serious parenting difficulties. It is also an important responsibility for staff and people involved in sports clubs, community activities, youth clubs, religious/faith sector and other organisations catering for children.

Over the past number of years there has been significant attention to the delivery of Child Welfare and Protection Services in Ireland.  There has been a move towards developing family and community support initiatives in order to identify and address problems at an early stage within the context of the family, while at the same time ensuring high quality care services for any child who cannot remain at home.

The Department is responsible for Child Welfare and Protection Policy as follows:

•    Adoption
•    Child Care Legislation
•    Child Protection
•    Children in Care
•    Referendum
•    Ryan Report Implementation
•    Separated Children Seeking Asylum
•    National Review Panel on serious incidents including deaths of children in care
•    Independent Review Group on child deaths
•    Out of Hours


Concerned about a child’s welfare?

Frequently Asked Questions on Child Welfare and Protection.